Conoco Distributor

Conoco has been a lubricants industry leader for more than 130 years and Parker Oil Co. is proud to supply these innovative products to those in Kansas, Kansas City and Northern Oklahoma. The Conoco brand is a globally respected one, recognized for its innovative products and commitment to equipment protection and performance.

Parker Oil is proud to be a partner with Conoco as a lubricants supplier to Kansas, Kansas City and Northern Oklahoma. Conoco has an innovative product lineup that we are happy to share with our customers. We supply Conoco products at a low, competitive price. Our customers’ bottom lines matter to us, and we try to keep costs down.

At Parker Oil Co., we are proud to offer Conoco oil and lubricant products and providing innovation to Kansas, Kansas City and Northern Oklahoma. Conoco products are available for several industries, including agriculture, natural gas, manufacturing, construction, mining and more!

We are proud to be aligned with some of the best suppliers in the industry, included Conoco Phillips. We offer our customers the highest quality of products with programs, services and competitive prices. Increase your profits while maintaining quality. Contact us today about supplying Conoco products to your Kansas, Kansas City or Northern Oklahoma company.

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